Pixel what?!

pixel affairs is a live event specialist for content playback. pixel affairs connects art with technique – and technique with art. We advice companies, agencies and technical contractors with the realization of their ideas for content playback and interaction. We plan how to present your content in the best possible way. We make feasibility analysis, create possible and impossible solutions for media control and we implement all your ideas at the venue.  

Our structure allows us to provide our own equipment and we have access to a longtime established partner network which gives us the opportunity to offer a wide range of Media Servers, control systems and other video related gear.

 From the first idea to the smile in your face – pixel affairs

Your pixels are save with us!




About Stefan Sarow

Stefan is the founder of pixel affairs. After 20 years in business you still can see his passion for colorful, moving pictures. He loves the thrill of anticipation in the eyes of his clients just before the show starts.

Stefan is certified and experienced operator for a wide range of systems like Dataton Watchout, AVStumpfl Pixera and Wings and Barco Eventmaster E2/S3. He never stops learning and digging deeper into all the exciting new tasks and tools.